Vegas Marketing Conference; No Excuses Hullett + Learner

What transpired at the Vegas Marketing Conference? No more Excuses! Find Advice or Tips for Beginner Marketers!


Industry leader Mike Dillard fueled a new movement when he recognized overwhelm that so many beginners experience from internet marketing.  Dillard’s “What’s Working Now” movement progressed to the “No Excuses” Summit held by a collective group of highly successful and visible internet marketers. 


Eight-hundred plus serious marketers dedicated to commitment and personal business success attended the “No Excuses” Vegas Marketing Conference July 9-11, 2010.  It was through this venue that many marketers found answers, guidance, connections, and networking experiences.


I enjoyed talking with Jeff Learner, and during one of our breaks asked if I could do an interview with him regarding his advice or tips for beginning marketers.



“Congratulations for getting started! So many people get paralyzed!  Dive in, be bold; don’t be shy…don’t be timid.  It doesn’t matter what you’re doing


…if you’re building a website, that’s great;

…if you’re learning copy, that’s great;

…if you’re trying to figure out html, that’s great;

…researching to create a product; that’s great.”


Jeff says the thing he sees most beginners struggle with is paralysis…”analysis paralysis.”  They sit and think about what they are going to do, and not enough time actually doing it.


So what is the most important ‘take away,’ or solution?????


Jeff doesn’t want to tell you what to do, but he positively emphasizes to JUST DO IT!




Take up the challenge and push through the uncomfortable and overwhelm!  Give yourself permission to be successful now.  JUST DO IT!


Doris Hullett is an educator-turned-network-marketer, assisting others create personal success. If you desire more control, money, time or freedom, accept my challenge to decide today.  Contact me or visit my blog for more information.

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