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German manufacturer of nutritional products.
Industry:  Direct Sales, Health and Nutrition
Website:  http://www.cellagon.de
Press Releases:  http://www.t-go.de/en/home/news.html

H.-G. Berner GmbH & Co. KG
Hasenholz 10 24161
Phone: 41-52-3162184

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About Cellagon

Founded in 1997 by German entrepreneur Hans Gunter Berner after years of research in the field of diet and nutrition related illness, Cellagon markets liquid nutritional supplements.  Its flagship product, Cellagon Aurum, was developed in 1986, when 50 bottles were distributed as laboratory samples.  Official production and distribution of Cellagon Aurum began in 1997. On the 25th anniversary of Cellagon, a second product, Cellagon Vitale Plus was introduced. The third product, Cellagon Felice, was introduced in 2003, followed by a fourth product, Cellagon T Go in 2007.  Cellagon’s products are distributed in Europe (Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Germany) and the United Arab Emirates by 9000 distributors, called “advisors” by the company.

Cellagon Products

Cellagon manufactures liquid nutritional supplements, each marketed for a specific purpose.  All contain concentrates of vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs.  Currently there are four products:  Aurum, Vitale Plus, Felice, and T Go.


Cellagon’s flagship product is prepared using extracts and juices of 40 different vegetables, herbs and fruits, delivering bioactive nutrients like vitamins, minerals, lactic acid, trace elements, soluble prebiotic dietary fiber, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and phytamins (secondary plant ingredients).  The product promises to enhance the immune system, support strength, and prevent aging by stimulating the regeneration of cells.

Marketed by Cellagon as a beauty drink, Felice is a dietary supplement consisting of nutrients like grape seed extract fortified with OPC, as well as selenium and zinc which protect the elastin present in lower skin layers from premature decomposition. Felice also contains phospholipids needed by the cell membranes to maintain their permeability and natural pliancy. Daily use of Felice is said to firm the skin’s connective tissue, strengthen nails, and add thickness and shine to hair.   

Vitale Plus
Marketed as an aid to nerves, concentration, and memory, Vitale Plus is a combination of organic nutrients that include carbohydrates, phospholipids, proteins, trace elements, essential minerals and vitamins important to a balanced diet.

T Go
Specially designed for athletes for use before, during and after games or training schedules, Cellagon T GO was introduced in 2007.  It has been tested by 400 athletes training in Olympic support centers sponsored by Cellagon.  According to its marketing material, this product provides quick energy before training, maintains energy levels during training, and replenishes energy level after training.   T Go is said to enhance endurance and nourish damaged cells, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and joints.   

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Cellagon Headquarters:  Hasenholz, Germany

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