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Lifestyles Global Network

Marketer of nutritional supplements and wellness products.
Industry:  MLM, Health and Nutrition, Weight Loss
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8100 Keele St.,
Vaughan L4K 2A3
Phone: 905-760-9615
8100 Keele St.
Vahghan, ON L4K 2A3
Phone: 905-760-9615

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About LIfestyles

Founded in 1989 Lifestyles is one of  the leading health and nutrition companies in the world and the largest one headquartered in Canada.  Lifestyles develops and manufactures premium quality natural source nutritional supplements and healthy eating and weight loss formulations.  Products are marketed through an independent distributor network throughout North America, Asia, Europe and Middle East.  The company maintains 16 offices that currently ships to over 33 countries.

Lifestyles is dedicated to offering breakthrough health and wellness products that are effective, safe and competitively priced.  All products are produced in Canada in accordance with Good Manufacturing  Process (GMP) and Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Lifestyles Global Network is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) in the United States.

Intra, the flagship product of the company, is  made using 23 natural botanical components needed for the proper functioning of at least 8 biological systems.

LIfestyles Products

Lifestyles offers nutritional supplements and body care products which claim to help protect against aging and disease.

The first product offered by Lifestyles, Intra is formulated using 23 botanicals, said to be good sources of the phytonutrients and antioxidants missing from the typical American diet.  The product claims to support 8 body systems.

An antioxidant supplement formulated using botanical extracts from 20 vegetables and fruits, the product claims to help the body defend itself against toxins and pollutants eliminate free radicals that cause premature aging.   

This product is a soluble fiber blend that provides the daily recommended fiber which the average American diet may lack. The product claims to improve digestion and assist weight loss by regulating the appetite. 

LifeShape is marketed as a weight management program, and includes 4 products that claim to aid detoxification, fat burning, appetite suppression, and balanced nutrition. 

Calcium Supplement
Lifestyle claims a daily calcium supplement can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis. This formula also contains magnesium, Vitamins C and D, zinc, copper, silicon, coix seed and horsetail which may make calcium more easily absorbed. 

Dream AM/Dream PM
These daytime  and night time food  supplements feature 9 botanical extracts  including breakthrough natural ingredients Advantra Z  (citrus auranium) and Phase 2 (phaseols vulgaris).  The products claim to be clinically proven as safe and effective, and are stimulant- and ephedra-free.

Dream Shake
Designed as a complete botanical meal replacement, the product is scientifically formulated to provide 24 essential vitamins and  minerals along with protein for muscle repair, high-quality carbohydrates for maximum energy and healthy fats.

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