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Developer and marketer of poker software and poker e-learning products.
Industry:  MLM, Other, Entertainment
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5001 Spring Valley Road, STE. 100E
Dallas, TX 75244
United States

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About PokerTrainingNetwork (PTN) was founded by Dennis Nadeau and launched in September 2009. It offers several products to improve a player’s poker game, including lessons, poker analysis software, a virtual game room, statistics, webinars and podcasts, one-on-one mentoring, a results tracker, a desktop application and a magazine. 

PTN uses multi-level marketing to sell its products, and is committed to becoming the global leader in poker training and education.


PokerTrainingNetwork Products

Poker Training Network offers innovative playing technologies combined with poker theory to assist players in improving their game.  It offers poker lessons, a virtual game room and poker analysis software. It offers a results tracker, poker statistics, webinars, podcasts, a magazine and a desktop application. And it also offers one-on-one coaching and mentoring.

PokerTel Learning Center 
PokerTel Learning Center is a group of coaching to tools to teach poker players to improve their game. Through this package a player has access to instructional lessons in a variety of formats ranging from multimedia to screencast. PokerTel Learning Center features interactive assessments to test a player’s skills, and ensure full comprehension of  concepts discussed in the lesson before moving on. There is also a diagnostics center and a game room. The diagnostics center helps analyze a player’s weaknesses, strengths and overall understanding of the game.  The game room is a site to play a variety of poker games and implement lessons. The PokerTel Learning Center gives access to a variety of workshop webinars and podcasts guided by the PTN Poker Mentors, who offer tips for game improvement in live and online play. This product also allows one-on-one mentoring with the PTN poker mentors, who will review the player’s hand history and offer guidance to improve play. The PokerTel Learning Center also gives access to a resource center, which offers poker probability tables, statistics, charts and academic pegs, and to the Bad Beat Blog, a members-only blog. 

PokerTel Lite Learning Center
PokerTel Lite Learning Center is the light version of PokerTel Learning Center. This product offers players access to the same beginning and base modules provided in PokerTel Learning Center; access to a light version of instructional lessons; interactive assessments and diagnostics center features; and access to the game room, the resource center and the Bad Beat Blog

Poker Edge Suite of Tools
Poker Edge Suite of Tools is poker software with coaching tools and evaluation programs to help the players improve. It features the PTN Expert Advisor, which tracks player mistakes and redirects to specific lessons in the learning center; the PTN Results Tracker, a feature that allows players to look at their history with a specific starting hand and understand the profitability with those cards; and the PTN Poker Performance Simulator, a feature developed employing in-game scenarios based on poker concepts and mathematical probabilities, that identifies playing style and displays it in profiler charts. The Poker Edge Suite of Tools also offers the PTN Desktop, a program that allows all the PTN applications to be open while surfing the web and checking email, all in one window.

Poker Face E-Magazine
Poker Face E-Magazine is a poker magazine that covers information from poker lifestyle to poker strategy.


All In
All In is a package that offers all products in one bundle.




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