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A while back, I received a call from Tony Escobar, Isagenix Millionaire, Top Achiever, and dedicated Health Researcher / Herbalist and told me the 2009 CDC report was out and sent me the link. With no surprise, I read the report summery, It was as suspected, very negative. The only bit of good news was that Lead found in the blood of children has dropped over the past 2 decades.

In a recent article found in "the daily green", they also quote the CDC report and said the following;

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers
Better known as "flame retardants" PBDEs are used widely in all sorts of goods -- from foam furniture to electronics -- to reduce fire risk. They also accumulate in human fat, and some studies suggest they may harm the liver and kidneys as well as the neurological system. Some states, including California, Washington and Maine, have restricted the use of certain PBDEs deemed the highest health risk. Short of such bans, avoiding them is difficult because the chemicals are integrated into so many common products.

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The report from CDC can be reviewed or downloaded at;

This is very interesting because I have talked about toxins being trapped in FAT for years now. These reports do alert the public awareness of the danger of storing toxins and keeping them trapped in your body.

Loosing weight is a great way to achieve better health in more ways than one. Releasing toxins, cardio health, diabetes, and many other related health problems.

Please take this advice, drink water and lots of it when cleansing and loosing weight. Toxins will remain trapped if your not hydrated enough. Happy Cleansing everyone!

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