What kind of prospect are you approaching?

Company: Isagenix Corporation

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What is the best prospect?

Let me tell you my take:

I promote my business, I am not looking for retailers, however, when I Promote, several reactions I encounter:

-- The ones who ONLY want to use the products, I sell them retail.
-- The ones who want to FIRST try the products before they commit, I sell the products retail.
-- The ones who want to start promoting Isagenix, I sign them up.
--and of course, the ones who are not ready for anything, I ask for permission to stay in contact.

It is quite simple.

Now, I don't look for retailers, however, I have many in my group, including one of the largest retailer in the company, it is ok, that is what they like. They are part of our business, and I respect their choice.

The same that I respect the ones who joined only to receive the product wholesale.

Or those who are for the social environment,

Those who are the occasional sponsors,

Those who are part-timers in pursue of full-time incomes,

and of course, the ones who have chosen to be full-time..

We need all of them, and it is ok....

George Ruiz 801-360-2195


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