My Isagenix Review After 3 And A Half Years

Company: Isagenix Corporation

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I've been using Isagenix products now for 3 1/2 years. When I first started I was a little skeptical. But I stuck with them. After the first 30 days I continued with maintenance and realized that it was helping me in more ways than I had expected. I did lose the weight I wanted to, but I also noticed my stress levels were much lower which had a direct positive result in my relationships.

I've been working as a distributor for 3 years as well and I can honestly say that I feel the company founders are honest and full of integrity. They stand behind their statements that "if it's not good for the field, it's not good for the company". I feel this company will be around for a long time.

The products are really needed in today's environment and they provide a visible result. Which makes it an easier sell. The money back guarantee also give people no reason to not try it. I don't think other weight loss programs offer that.

It's much easier to convince somebody to try something when they can see (on others) that it works. Most people feel different in just their first few days on the product.

If I had any complaints about the company it would be they should label their organic ingredients better. I would also like to seem them use a little more "direct response" type marketing on their website. I personally never use the replicated site but I would if it did a better job at selling and lead capture.


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