Isagenix Corporation Products

Isagenix Corporation sells products in the nutritional supplement, weight management, and personal care categories.

9- & 30 -DayCleanse and Fat Burning System
This is a group of products claiming to clean out the body while providing needed nutrients for health and weight loss. The company claims this product provides energy, boosts weight loss , improves muscle tone, reduces cravings and aids digestion. Some of the products contains a proprietary formula called IsaLyte which is a blend of 70 organic ionic trace minerals. The company claims it is a superior nutritional supplement.

Multi-Enzyme Complex
This product is an enzyme designed to help aid digestion of plant fibers, sugars including milk sugar, proteins and fats. It contains Ionic Alfalfa which is claimed to support natural digestion and waste elimination. The benefits claimed for this product are increased absorption of nutrients, improved digestion and reduced gas, bloating and indigestion, and a restored healthy enzyme balance.

Ionix Supreme
This is a liquid nutritional supplement marketed as a performance enhancer. The product is claimed to have adaptogens that neutralize stress and improve performance. It is also said to increase energy, perk up focus, better vitality, and generally enhance overall health.

This is the Isagenix version of Ester-C, a more potent form of Vitamin C, said to be gentler on the stomach, remaining in the blood stream longer, therefore resulting in fewer sick days, and an overall feeling of health and wellness. C-Lyte also contains calcium, magnesium and sodium ascorbates which help build bones and healthy teeth, support the immune system and other metabolic functions.

IsaDermix FACE Age-Defying Collection
This is a collection of skin care products marketed to slow or prevent the signs of aging. The set includes a cleansing gel, a scrub made with natural sea mineral crystals, a toner, an antioxidant serum, a day cream, an eye cream and a night cream. The products claim to produce soft, clear skin.