About Utility Warehouse Discount Club

The Utility Warehouse Discount Club was formed in 2005, to help small and medium-sized businesses save money and time when paying their utility bills (gas, water, electric, phones and so on). Utility Warehouse Discount Club is operated by Telecom plus PLC (Public Limited Company), a company formed in 1997and listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2000. 

Currently the company provides utilities for over 300,000 British homes and small businesses, claiming to offer savings between 20-30% on utility bills. The company is currently only operational in Great Britain, with no plans to expand to the international market in the near future. 

The company does not advertise, claiming to pass the resulting savings are passed onto its customers. It does have an independent representative program, which has some notable representatives like the NUT (the British National Union of Teachers).  Those interested in becoming independent representatives are asked to contact the company headquarters – or another independent representative – for more information. 

The company employs over 450 staff in its London offices, with a network of over 35,000 independent representatives.