The Biggest Unseen Dangers Of Forum Marketing...

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The Biggest Unseen Dangers Of Forum Marketing...

Postby Adam Taha on Wed Apr 16, 2014 1:10 pm

Hi everyone

I've been with Betternetworker forum since the beginning days, and it's great seeing lots of new visitors. Seeing people share value but there is something we need to think about.

When we do things, we have to be leaders and if you're one or becoming one, and care about BN community as well as achieving success - then we need to understand somethings.

1. Marketing instead of selling. Link in signature.
The signature - is there for a reason. Just because we share content, debate, doesn't mean - we keep throwing our facebook links, youtube video links in our conversation or content we share in the forum.

The end does not justify the means.

If someone sees your content valuable, if they want to know they WILL be checking you out!

Marketing is about winning minds and the first rule of thumb - let the person THINK it's THEIR IDEA to contact you!

Why must we ensure brain of the person sees it's their idea?
The brain acts like a predator. Though we as human beings have evolved, it still acts like a predator. It thinks only of what's in it for itself.

It is the most sophisticated hunting devise - to detect threat, danger, avoid pain and to gain pleasure, and anything that helps it to win.

All of the information, from the day someone is born until adulthood creates the perception.

The brain has already a rigid pattern and it knows what to look for in forums
It knows, when someone is sleazy, desperate, playing tricks etc. That is why master marketers are very careful to not try and use tactics 97% use because they know, the brain can label, categorise a person by the approach, the way someone behaves, etc.

How To Influence The Brain To See You As The One To Trust And Follow?
That's why if you want to succeed online, we got to stop thinking what we can get and how we can give, and become the MOST valuable member in the community.

So, when anyone throws a link, trust me - the subconscious brain knows. It knows what you're doing and to win it's approval, we have to understand marketing and sales is...a process, not a one-time-event. So we must become consistent in providing value in forums.

Forum is different to PPC and any paid advertising. Paid advertising, the brain is already hunting, it is looking and ready to buy. It is only going to decide who to buy from.

Not so in forums. It's pattern is different. It's about trust, authority, who is who, who is valuable, who to really connect with, what leaders say about a person, who is of a certain rank, why, what role this person plays in this forum etc.

That's why having your photo uploaded, of your face, with details filled on your profile is important!

2. We got a profile, it has a photo, it got contact details.
That's our business card right there. Put your details there too. Put your hot sexy photo of you there. Tell people who you are what you solve.

If someone wants to know more about you - trust me, they will hunt you down!

Leave the links in the signature.

If you haven't got your photo on, details filled - the brain won't take you seriously.

The brain looks at all these details too and yet, look how many on forums with no photo and they talking about social media this, how to get traffic etc.

The brain thinks, "this person going to help me? They can't even do forum marketing right! No photo, I can't see details, no links to website or social media network, nothing..."

When the brain of the the person is ready - now it's going to investigate you.

Now it's going to hunt you down. Now it's going to find all about you and see what you got on offer - and put you on it's hot list!

That means, the signature link is the nudge that makes them feel it's their idea to contact you.

You can always say, "if you want to contact me, just click the signature link..." there we go! But even then, this can trigger the brain to think...

"He's not giving me a choice. He's telling me, so I'm not interested. He wants something off me. It's a trick. It's going to send me to some landing page or do this and that."

The brain is always cautious, ready, waiting to detect a threat. ;)

No need with plasting facebook channel link, email link, etc.

3. But what if?
Granted, there are times when for example, you saw a video of something or that is related to conversation, and can help the person - which is not yours and it can help the person.

Ok, no problem. Bang it in but it might be seen as throwing link in by Mods, so know that.

The rule of thumb is - leave your facebook links, your youtube channel links, your business links websites in the signature.

4. Leadership - It's easy for others to follow and think they can too.
New people see links and think they can do it too. Or they are not ABN members so they know they can't upload articles - they go and use forums to add links.

Forum marketing is a long term tactic.

It doesn't take a week. In fact, the KING for forum marketing is collaboration with leaders of the forum, owners of the forum, founders to see what is needed - and you create it so it shared to all in community.

Now - that's how EVERYONE gets to know you as a leader and move traffic to your site. Do that enough times, you'll have credibility, authority.

Think leadership! Think way ahead! The highest form in business is collaboration with the forum owners, bloggers.

Start thinking what the owners of a forum, a big bloggers audience - look at how you can help their audience.

Then create what will help their audience.

The leaders will then pool together to help you.

The founders of the forum will thank you and help you.

The bloggers will appreciate and tell everyone in their audience about you.

But most of all, you win the minds and hearts of the community who will let others know about you. That's marketing. That's what branding is - the meaning that people carry about you in their head and share to others.

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Re: The Biggest Unseen Dangers Of Forum Marketing...

Postby BetterNetworker Admin on Thu Apr 17, 2014 11:56 am

Thank you Adam for being a leader in the BetterNetworker community and helping to set the tone of what we're all about.
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Re: The Biggest Unseen Dangers Of Forum Marketing...

Postby Adam Taha on Sat Apr 19, 2014 7:35 am

My pleasure. :)

I know we don't say it often enough but we do appreciate, and very grateful for your hard work, the time and attention you put into the support for the community, resources and accessibility for thousands in the industry.

We don't say it often and we should - but from me, thank you for your commitment to the industry, and community, making this platform, the wealth of resources accessible to all and providing values to the industry.

Adam Taha
This is just one of the websites out of many I've designed and then built built by web developer called Wayne Hatter. Want to see others let me know..
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Re: The Biggest Unseen Dangers Of Forum Marketing...

Postby Jess Weagle on Sat Apr 19, 2014 2:10 pm

I think this is a wonderful reminder. Thanks for sharing :D
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Re: The Biggest Unseen Dangers Of Forum Marketing...

Postby Tevin Joseph on Sun Apr 20, 2014 12:59 am

This is amazing information and very insightful.

Thank you for the tips :)
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