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I am a simple person who started to work when I was 16.

Since I was not so good in my study, I just went for what was available at that time. There was a large demand for nurses in Singapore at that time. So I get myself a job as a nurse and started the training as a state registered nurse. I was in service for 8 years and decided to venture into the corporate world. Like most of the people, I was going along with the flow.

Since then I was in sales and marketing for the next 16 years. I was climbing the corporate ladder from salesperson to Regional director. Upon reaching the top, I realize that this is what I want. My job requires me to travel. I spent more time on the plane than my home. I was outstation most of the time. Most of the time, my friends cannot reach me as I always not in Singapore As a result I have no friends in time freedom and also no financial freedom.


What choice do I have as I was approaching late thirty? Like most man, I was married and had so much credit cards instalment to pay? (Sound familiar?)


I had a decision to make at that time, to remain in the rat race chasing money and time, or doing something else different.

Yes, Idecide to take a big step forward,I quit my job and started my own coaching and training business but realized that I brought myself another job.

I came across this network marketing business opportunity many years ago and had been treating it like a hobby. But this time, I am serious about it because I am committed to my financial and time freedom.


So I started to search for the right company to join. Now, I realize that there is no such thing as the right company; it is about me if I am ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen.


I follow my mentor’s instruction to the letters, talking to family, relatives and friends. Very soon I exhaust all my contacts who I can talk to. Then I venture to the cold market, go to networking events to know a few more people, and hopefully recruit them to join my business.

There is so much face to face rejection and I was prepared for it. I also realised that 97% of the people I talk to, they are not interested or not ready to join my business. But I spent time and money to reach them. Very soon, I realize that I am spending a lot more than I earned from my commission.


Until recently, I come across a few key points that turn my life around.

  1. I was introduced to attraction marketing and
  2. knowing the importance of branding myself as an expert in the field.
  3. I also introduced to the concept of being hunted rather than be a hunter.
  4. Another key turning point is having a online funded proposal automated system really make the difference.

Today, I have people from different part of the world give me a call and ask me to help them, which never happen. People hunt me down and want my service.


The best of all, I am building a list of responsive contacts FREE of charges. I get paid even most of them decided not to be in my business opportunity for whatever reasons.

One more key point that I learned is to leverage on other people experience. I save a lot of time and money by knowing where the landmines are, and not to repeat them. So I will get whatever materials that is written on network marketing at all cost, because I just need one idea to change my life.

I decided to put all my learning into an e book and I called it “Receive endless leads and cash flow”. I am giving this away for FREE as I believe that it is my time to pay back and touch somebody’s life.

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Hello Kwong, Welcome to the group! Its a pleasure to meet you here……I look forword to reading your biography, have a good day. I am brand new to BetterNetworkers as well. I have made some wonderful friendships and its amazing how much we can learn from each other! I am here for you! I have sought out BetterNetworkers to develope life-long relationships with other networkers to exchange info that will help each of us to achieve all that we are called to achieve. If there were one nugget I could offer to each of you, it would be a FREE e-book that totally changed my life! Just click on the link and its yours for FREE! Enjoy! Your new friend, Cyrilla Wall (507) 227-2288 Call Anytime!
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Hi kwong Meng Ngoh, Welcome to Better will find this site awesome for networking and learning from the best like minded people! Abundance to you, Misty V.
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