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My interests are self developement and learning new skills.martial arts,art and cooking.

I enjoy spending time with my family and mixing with people of the same mindset as me.

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malcolm ponman

senior consultant with herbalife
Primary Company:  Herbalife International of America, Inc.
Company 2:  Utility Warehouse Discount Club
Industry:  MLM
Experience:  Established Business (1-3 years)

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Hi my names Malcolm
My schooling was pretty unimpressive.Spent 3 years of being told that i was an excerlent artist.Then took my exam and failed.This really miffed me and then the teachers told me what i had done wrong.How annoying is that.
Started work at 18 as a salesman selling loft insulation door to door,but this really was n't what i was looking for as it was commision based and too much like hard work when your 18 years old.
Next i worked in a diy store,which led me to working in kitchen manufacturing with a little bit of sales for the next 10 years.
Then i did a season working in the amusement arcades which i really enjoyed because i was able to interact with lots of different types of people from all walks of life.
Then i went back to the kitchen job before moving on to a job in the office furniture manufacturing industry.During this time i did a course in plumbing for a year.
In 2008 i had an operation and was off work for a few months.It was during this time that i realised that there is more to life than just working to line other peoples pockets.So i researched the work from home industry and came up with herbalife,which i had heard of 10 years previously.So i signed up and did all the family and friends lists and chased them down like a man possessed.But for some reason they were not as enthusiastic about the products or the opportunity as i was.Next i did the flyers and sample pack route.This was slightly better,but was a lot of footwork for little return.But my sponsor just kept on telling me"keep doing what your doing and you will see the results in time".All i kept thinking is there has to be a better way to make money than this.Then i started to look on the internet for answers.When i told my sponsor about some of the things i had found he told me it was no good and to stick with the methods i had been taught.The real turning point for me was when i heard one of the top people talking to someone else at an sts about how he was doing well using the internet to market his opportunity.Can you imagine how i felt.I was either being lied too or my upline just did n't have a clue.
Now i am working on funded propsals and affilate marketing.For some people selling to family and friends might work,but for me it was a nightmare

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My Location:  United Kingdom

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