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Hey! I'm Mari Ann Lisenbe

"Laid-off from Corporate America to Successful Internet Marketer
in Less than 9 mos.. "
Read on, and you'll discover my secrets :-)

If you got to this page, and you're anything like me, you've learned that Corporate America can be disappointing (can anyone say "laid off"?). That's why I'm now passionate about telling others to regain control of their own financial future - like I did when I went from "Corporate Reject" to becoming financially independent while working from home!

Please understand that I'm not here to "sign you up" in any program. 

I just want to  give HOPE to those talented entrepreneurs who realize that corporate America is NOT the way to go. But, who may be discouraged in their attempts to reach THEIR DREAM because they are not getting the kind of training they need to be successful.  But first, let me tell you a little bit about myself. ...

hmmm... where do I start?

Native Texan - through & through

I'm a wife, mom and hugely successful entrepreneur all rolled into one. I'm also a spirit-filled Christian, and one of the most determined people you'll ever meet ;-)

On a personal note, I grew up on a farm just outside the 4th largest city in the U.S. So, I'm equally at ease in a Corporate Board meeting -- or milking a goat! Actually, I prefer the goats - less manure involved ;-)

My husband and I were high school sweethearts and have been married for 33 years.

My husband, Steve, is a musician and our two grown sons are pursuing music careers, so music is instrumental (sorry) in my life. In fact, Steve & I led worship at a large church for about 15 years.

After our second child was born, I went back to college and got a BS in Computer Science, and then landed a "good job" w/ a "good company"... and started "the climb"

During the following 15 years I spent in Corporate America as a software designer, a huge paradigm shift occurred. In fact, the whole Global Economy shifted.


The Slap

In 2003, I became one of the casualties of this shift... my software job is now somewhere in India. Talk about a slap in the face. After 15 years of being told how great I was and being made to feel indisposable... I was suddenly, disposed!

Being a Fortune 500 company, Hewitt did give me a tidy little severance package, which helped... but my spirit was severely wounded.

I was raised to believe that the only way to really be successful was to get a college education and go to work for a good company, and I had done that. And now, after working for that company for 50-60 hrs/week for 15 years, I was laid off!.**POOF** So much for company loyalty!

My transition from "corporate reject to Successful Entrepreneur" has not been without some bumps, though. I knew I NEVER wanted to return to the corporate world - I loved my new time freedom plus could no longer stomach the corporate politics - but I also knew I would have to do something to replace my Six Figure corporate salary.

Never Going Back

I first tried my hand at old-school MLM... NOT FUN! My short stint in MLM made me realize that I did not want to promote this company by approaching friends and family.  And, being a female who's concerned with my personal safety -- I'm not reallly into striking up conversations with strangers at the gas pump :-)

So, I turned to the internet - determined to learn Internet Marketing. 

Instead of affiliate marketing, I first got into the top-tier direct sales form of network marketing, and did very well with it.  In fact, I became a top earner in my company.

Only problem was, VERY few people were able to duplicate my success.

Now, one HUGE lesson I learned from my experiences is the importance of marketing.

That's why it's VITALLY important that, no matter WHAT your product is... YOUR GOAL must be to become a master marketer.

And, I'm here to tell you straight away --- this is going to take time, dedication and money!  If you think otherwise, you should stop reading now and just keep your corporate job.

I have personally spent thousands of dollars on marketing training, and am now considered a WEB 2.0 marketing specialist. But I STILL continually take training... because the internet is constantly changing. So, if you stop learning, you'll get left in the dust!

Was it worth it?  ABSOLUTELY!  I now have the assurance that, no matter WHAT the economy does, I'll still be secure because I know how to do affiliate market.

So, if you're reading this, and you're thinking YOU want to LAY YOUR COMPANY OFF, feel free to watch some of the videos on my page here, AND visit my blog.. This is where I regularly post some of my Secret Marketing Tips -- tips that have helped me become financially free as an online marketer.

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Training I Recommend? Visit My Blog


Can MLM and Network Marketing work?

Yes, I believe that it can, but ONLY if you have the right personality AND you are willing to establish yourself as a leader.

You see... in MLM/network marketing, you WILL have to talk to people. I don't care WHAT you have read or been told, you will ONLY be successful in MLM/network marketing if you can talk to people.

So, unless you ENJOY talking to people (and, yes, selling) you should not be in MLM/network marketing! (look into affiliate marketing instead)

But, if you DO enjoy working with people, and want to learn how to market your MLM/network marketing company online check out the link below...


Mari Ann Lisenbe-Twitter

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Hello, Thanks for allowing me to be one of your friends. Please take a look at my websites and increase your page rank, traffic as well. Have a Nice and a Wonderful day. Karoly
Hi Mari: Thanks! Quite a bit of inspiration here. Laid off from corporate years ago, so I can relate. Now self employed trying to find the extra time and money (two main ingredients) for this new direction of success in network marketing. There is so much information and discoveries made from A to Z. As a novice, you don't know enough about what you are doing to sort through. God Bless!
Hello Mari Ann, Thank you for the invite and the smile :), I look forward to learning more about you. Tom
Hi Mari Ann; Thank you very much for the invitation. I really enjoyed reading your bio. It seems that we are some what alike but we had a cow and not goats. I look forward to seeing more of the things that you have written. I wish you a wonderful weekend and God Bless you for being here sharing.
Thanks for the friend request marianne! -Adam
Hi Mari Ann, I love your story and can relate. I have a brother who lives in Houston so I've been there several times. Love it! I look forward to talking to you at great length about your network marketing journey. Thanks for the invite!! William A.
Mari Ann, Thanks for adding me to your circle of contacts. Have a GREAT day, Warren
Mari, Your website made me want to cry! ;)
B West wrote
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al king wrote
Hey Mari Ann :) thanks for sending me the add request. Looking forward to networking with you; If you're not satisfied with your current company, or you're just looking for something new and ground floor to be involved with, check out a site Myself and my Business Partner Just put together :)
Hi Mari Ann, Just wanted to say thanks for the connection. Look forward to networking with you. Ryan
Great to be a new member here. Thanks for saying hi.
Hello, Thanks for the add. I am new to betternetworker and it is great to see so much information and such great people on here. I look forward to following you. denise
B West wrote
Do you like to travel? Let me know what you think of this?
Hi Mari Ann, Thanks for connecting with me on my first day here. I really enjoyed reading your Bio. It was very personal and I feel that I have gotten to know you through your great writing. This is an inspiration for me and I am looking forward to creating my first blog in such a personal way. Thank You! And Smiles!
Hi Mari Ann thanks your the add. I just recently watched your video on how to setup a myspace page in MLSP. It was really great. Thanks again and I hope we can stay in touch. Take care, Angel
Hi Mari Ann, Thank for the friend invite. Hey, I lived in Texas for 3 years when I was in my twenties. It's quite a change from Oregon. Your friend, Lynn Jones
I really appreciate you joining my circle of friends, Mari Ann. I have spent considerable time in the Network Marketing industry, experiencing a lot of frustration and lack of real support. Then I came across the Mentoring for Free system. If you too would like to move your business to a different level, please go to the info section of my profile, there you can download the free e-book. Best regards Kim Egstrup
Alex R wrote
Hello fellow Houstonian! I look forward to more content like you've been sharing so far. Please don't be a stranger.
Glen Rice wrote
Hi Mari Ann, thanks for the ADD. Hope your seeing the results and experiencing the wealth you desire from your biz. When I started I was like everyone else and struggled for a long time. Then I started using the attraction marketing method and I found some resources that helped me put the system on steroids and now life is truly amazing. If you want to chat sometime, I enjoy helping others and will share with you what I do to get the results. I wish you the best, Glen Rice 503-980-3331 PST