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Rodney Epps

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Primary Company:  Isagenix Corporation
Other Company:  The W.O.W Group
Industry:  Marketing and Advertising
Experience:  Veteran (3+ years)

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My transformation began in 1999 when I began to realize that my life was not balanced at all; not just in one specific area, but in all areas - not only was I unhealthy, but nothing seemed to be coming together. I had no idea of where or how to start until I just happened to stop at a yard sale one Saturday morning and purchased a book for 25 cents, one that would change my life forever.
That book was by renowned author/entrepreneur, Paul J. Meyer, A gentleman that was not only worth billions, but was balanced in all areas of his life. At last, I began to find some sense of direction and he soon became my distant mentor. The contents of the book outlined a system entitled ‘the wheel of life’ (now called ‘The Total Person’) in which an individual would grade themselves in six areas of life on a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being not good, 10 being the best.
The areas were family/home, spiritual/ethical, social/cultural, physical/health, mental/education, financial/career. Of the record, I must say that when I initially graded myself, I was below average. What an eye-opener! His system went on to include outlining a master list of goals in which I had to review my priorities in each area of life and list my most important goals and prioritize them in a written form on a goal-planning sheet so as not to overlook any steps in the goal planning process.
Lastly, it listed an affirmations page which was designed to provide positive feedback to myself in the form of encouragement and support for my decisions towards personal growth. The irony of affirmations is that when you read them often enough, you begin to remember them and can repeat them from memory.
A snapshot of how we initially prioritized our lives included the following: we thought we had mastered the art of finance/career, because we were both employed with a Fortune 500 hundred company and was making a nice income and we had even began to explore the art of entrepreneurship - ah yes, we were now officially in the rat race, the place to be for the movers and shakers. . . really?
Next on our list was the mental/education area, I mean, we were both college graduates and felt that we had some important knowledge under our belts and we were ready to take on the world . . . or so we thought, which then took us to our final area - Social/cultural - we associated ourselves in specific groups that seemed to be going places and getting things done, we were on our way to living the American Dream . . . or so we thought - are you getting the picture?
Everything was falling into place or was it? I know what you’re thinking, what about spiritual/ethical, family/home, and physical/health? Did they just fall off the grid? Of course not, in fact, to our dismay, we discovered that those three are actually the foundation.
You see, the operative word is thought! We thought we were balanced when in actuality we weren’t and when we began to realize this, I went back to the drawing board of my distant mentor and began to regroup. Only this time we put spiritual/ethical as the first priority, followed by family/home, yet our physical/health was still on the back burner.
That was until tragedy struck our family in 2011 when I unexpectedly lost my mother, my rock, my confidante, my foundation. It was then that we came to the realization that an individual has to be balanced in all areas of their lives and if it’s not an equal balance, it makes for a bumpy ride.

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