BetterNetworker Interviews Shaqir Hussyin Part 2 of 2

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Do you want to become an Internet Millionaire ? It's the dreams of many - especially online / network marketers, today Shaqir's story is an inspiring on how he got to where he is from being a construction worker just a short 5 years ago dropping out of university...

He's a favourite here in the BetterNetworker community and has added tons of value to members on here.

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Shaqir Hussyin is 26 Yr Old Internet Millionaire. World-Traveller.  He's the Founder of the #1 Done For You Traffic Agency -

He's also the Top 3 Earner in 2 Different Companies.  Million Dollar Earner with Empower Network and MTTB / MOBE.

Shaqir shares his 7 Lessons to Generating Millions of Dollars in a Home-Based Business Part 2 of 2 and how he built an Internet empire that earns him 6-figures a month!  Listen Now!

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