Raymond Fong of SEO Networker and Expert on How to Use Google, Interviewed by Doris Hullett

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Raymond Fong shares his challenges, the importance of business support, and how being an entrepreneur has changed his life.

Did you have any challenges that you had to overcome when you first started out in the business?

Raymond mentions the “shiny-objects” syndrome.”  Raymond hit on something we all have experienced, and that is being busy going from one exciting activity, or “shiny-object” to another. You are busy learning, which in turn makes you feel like you are busy accomplishing major tasks, but in reality, you are not.  You are being busy.

The important thing to remember is to implement the knowledge which you are learning; make it a goal every day to execute something.  What you actually learn…implement.  An example would be to put up or post one video per day:  Your Blog, YouTube, Tube Mogul, etc.  Or, post one article per day on a favorite site: Your Blog, Betternetworker, Ezines, HubPages, etc. You can even rotate where you put your article, just as long as you focus on implementing what you learn. 

How important would you say that it is to have support in your business?

It is absolutely critical to have support in your business.  Raymond believes in the concept of “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants;” model yourself after other successful people, and learn from their mistakes.

Accept the advice of other successful people and shorten your learning curve; why not leverage from other leaders? Support, advice and mentoring are crucial to your success. 

How has this business changed you life? 

Entrepreneurship can be hard.  Raymond shares how Entrepreneurs have to work hard on themselves, if they want to find success.  Because of his diligence, Raymond's business has created more freedom for him to travel. 

“Being an entrepreneur is not for everybody. It takes a certain amount of discipline, mentality, and commitment.  It might not be for you; I don’t know.”

I really appreciate Raymond Fong sharing his challenges, explaining the importance of business support, how being an entrepreneur has changed his life, and his business friendship; Raymond’s entrepreneurial passion is genuine.

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